Exhibition of Studio Projects

Park Horská ,,U Hradeb''

Bc. Sabina Shariffová


ITCHY FEET, FROM ONE HILL TO ANOTHER, DOWN THE SLIPWAY, AMONGST THE TREES, UNDER A SOARING WALL, THE TREASURE IS HIDDEN. WHO SEEKS, SHALL FIND. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY, IN THE PARKU HORSKÁ, ,,U HRADEB’’. The area of The Horská Park is located close to Horská Street in the New Town district in the cadastral territory of Prague 2. Specifically, it lies next to the Lost Garden, under Bastion XXXI., which is separated from the territory by a Gothic-Baroque wall, behind which lies the valley of Folimanka Park. It consists of an asymmetrical space with interestingly stepped terrain.

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