Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020


Anastasiia Kartashova


The new building of the hotel is located in Prague 6 at the intersection of 8. listapad and U Kastanu streets. The Břevnov district is one of prague's fourth traditional districts. The complex terrain of the land with a steep slope is the reason for my design of the construction and the creation of terraces. In total, the hotel has 32 rooms: 6 large with two bedrooms and 26 smaller, standard rooms. The hotel could be used, for example, by actors, lecturers or musicians who have performances in the Cultural Centre Chestnut. The entire second floor contains a large restaurant with a bar, which is designed not only for visitors to the hotel, but especially for the inhabitants of Břevnov. The neighborhoods lack pleasant, run-down places where people could have a nice eat and have a drink.

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