Exhibition of Studio Projects

City ​​spa in Vlašim

Bc. Tereza Částečková


Imagine a quiet place by the river, nature is around you and you have a castle behind you. It is precisely in this place that the Municipal Spa is located in the historical center of Vlašim, representing an oasis of calm, a place for relaxation and the possibility of stopping in time. In addition to spa treatments (special pools, baths, saunas, massages, ...), the house also offers a café. The heart of the spa is an 8-meter-high greenhouse, which provides a breathtaking view of the plants not only from the pool and corridor, but also for people walking down the street or along the Blanice River. However, the greenhouse is not the only natural element. The building is decorated with a rich vegetation roof, which people look at from the upper path under the castle, as well as visitors to the

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