Exhibition of Studio Projects

Sports hall Boskovice

Bc. Roman Totušek


Sports Hall. Just a walled playground. It is a pity. The Red Garden area deserves more. Grandstand, lookout tower, action, events, stories, situations, life. A place where people can concentrate. Not just for sports. First date at sunset over the castle. Concert to start the season. Abraded knees after deciding to go down the first ramp. Summer form. Riding on a slide. Running up the stairs. The playing area, a kind of clump of grass, a hill, complementing the surrounding landscape, surrounded by walls, forming ramps at different height levels, as a paraphrase of the way up the hill along the contours. Obsessive stairs overlooking the castle, the skate park. Terrace leading to the bar, which offers views of the playing area, climbing wall and castle.

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