Exhibition of Studio Projects

Tall and Wide

Bc. Martin Holman


Task/assignment: Completion of city block in Smíchov. The plot is situated in the district of Smíchov in Prague. Its borders are delimited by Preslova, V Botanice, Štefánikova and Matoušova streets. During the past regime, this originary solid, unified city block, going from the garden of the Portheimka ´s vila to Arbesovo square was demolished and divived by one artery of the Prague´s highway. In terms of urbanism, the street split into three parts. The design of the corner´s buildings emphasizes the block character. The central part consists of two houses attached to already existing solitary buildings. I am designing a residential and administrative complex on the west side. Flats are oriented South, in the direction of the Portheimka´s park. On the contrary, offices are facing North.

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