Exhibition of Studio Projects


Bc. Oleksandra Mishchenko


Looking for the garden city. How should a modern garden city look like? What would I like it to look like? Where would I like to live? I want to be in the city but in the countryside at the same time. I want to adapt the spaces to my needs: park my car or grow vegetables , fix my bike or make a swiming pool for the kids, or make a rabbit hutches, live with my family or live with my partner o liv alone. In the summer, I want to pull out table to the patio and have a dinner with my family at sunset. I want to be outside but inside at the same time. I want to feel the rain but not get wet. I want to look at the street but be in the garden. I want to live alone but collective. I want to hide or been seen. I just want a garden city on Nový Střížkov!

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