Exhibition of Studio Projects

Housing Nový Střížkov

Bc. Martin Krejčí


I want to create a place where it's good to live. So that I don't want to leave town for the weekend. I won't be afraid to stay there, I'll want to spend my free time there. At home, outside under a tree, on a terrace... I want to live informally in this formal world. Go out, lie in the grass and maybe just look up into the treetops. Watching the kids throwing their plates around and the dog running around behind them wanting to play. He might not even be theirs, but one of the neighbors. And does that bother anyone? There's an elderly couple sitting on a bench nearby. They're talking about how the house next door has agreed to turn some of the open green space into allotments. They say there's another one free, that they could plant a few bulbs and maybe some garlic.

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