Exhibition of Studio Projects

Giraffe pavilion in Pilsen

Bc. Hanele Mirčeva, Veronika Milotová


The aim of this year's assignment was to design a new giraffe pavilion for the Pilsen Zoo. What should a zoo look like in the 21st century? Is it just a theater? Education? The suffering of animals? Or the only way to save them? Is it possible to build interesting and modern architecture here? These are the questions that were asked to us at the beginning of the proposal. The idea of ​​our design was for the zoo to act like wilderness and for the animals and humans to feel like they were in true nature. The visitor moves around the whole area by means of paths that lead between the paddocks. Here you will find pavilions of various species of animals, a pond, playground, restaurant, kiosk and last but not least a number of storage facilities.

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