Exhibition of Studio Projects

Winery Kraví Hora

Bc. Michal Lada


The winery building is located in southern Moravia near the town of Hustopeče. It is located in the lower part of a sloping plot with an area of ​​about 2 hectares and is surrounded by a vineyard. The mass of the winery is partially planted in the field, to better maintain the temperature of the stored wine. The building is materially and operationally divided into two parts. The production and storage part, which is covered with rusty corten sheet metal, symbolizes the process of wine maturation and gives an earthy impression. The tasting part, which as a gateway leads the visitor's view of the vineyard, symbolizes a glass of wine with its glass surfaces and provides a pleasant atmosphere for tasting. Between the two operations, there is the main entrance with a reception.

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