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Exhibition of Studio Projects

Bastion Cemetery

Adam Zatloukal


During his presidency Havel wanted to make the place around bastions thrive with life of the new era. Around the street Jelení he imagined a row of city houses with many functions. He wanted people debating in a nearby habitable glasshouse-caffe. He imagined a dancing Golumn in Lumbeho gardens. As our democacy went fowrard in time his dream slowly died. People stayed the same. Social aspects of new era even got worse in some ways. We can see that clearly in our burial culture. More people than ever get burried in the communal grave because they dont have anyone. Another strong trend is that of burial withou ceremony. People are leaving this world without anyone to remember them. And theres more and more of them. Havels beautiful dream died and I created a place for it to rest in peace.

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