Exhibition of Studio Projects

In the footsteps of Čertovka

Veronika Převrátilová


In the village of Jizerní Vtelno, near Mladá Boleslav, people are losing their connection with nature. The landscape itself suffers as well, as it is intensively farmed. Soil, water, biodiversity and people's ties to the landscape are being lost. The design heals both the landscape and the people - it recalls the lost Čertovka stream, pays tribute to the water that used to flow here and creates space for it to return here. The design enhances the unique character of the former Čertovka valley (a wild and intimate valley with rock outcrops and stone underpasses under the railway, which adds to its romantic atmosphere). It entices people to come here for a healing forest walk, complete with a pebble reflexology trail.

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