Exhibition of Studio Projects

School of art in Litoměřice

Lenka Medková


The building in located von street Na Valech in Litoměřice. It is in the block of 3 houses with an inner block in the middle, which can be entered through an alley from the street in Valy and is therefore open not only to the users of the houses. The ZUŠ is located on the third to fifth floors. Each floor has a space for students to meet. The classrooms, which are located near the facade to the courtyard, are glazed and function as lighting for the communication areas of the school. On the ground floor, there is a concert hall for the ZUŠ with a foyer, which is raised over two floors, so it is very airy and generous. The third space on the ground floor is a cafe with a gallery, which is on the second floor of the cafee.

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