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Tereza Novotná


https://atelierzkn.tumblr.com/tagged/terezanovotna _____ The following station is Prague - Smíchov. The train stops. I am getting off the train and walking through the noisy station. am heading towards Knížecí. Tram number 5 is passing by me. I am walking barely 300 meters and passing under the railway track. I am turning right and walking through the open ground floor of a block. I am going through a park. On the balcony, I am spotting a friend and we are waving at each other. I am passing by a gymnasium. I am entering a building. I am going upstairs, walking through the balcony, and arriving to my room, which I am sharing with three other friends. I am looking out the window at Vyšehrad. I am walking in this direction every day for about 10 minutes to school.

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