Exhibition of Studio Projects

across the train tracks

Bc. Elizabeth Haywardová


Across the train tracks of the Kolín train station, on the site of the current harbour and scrap yard, a new district is forming. The station underpass is lengthened and two new underpasses are added. Streets continue from them which, for the pedestrian, offer insight into all of the various forms the area takes on. Shops, cafes, offices, a school, a nursery, little piazzas, corners, yards, balconies, fluttering curtains, perennials, trees, gravel. They lead all the way to the river. There are tracks there too, overgrown with grasses and bushes, which used to lead to the harbour. The harbour is now a little way upriver and has new tracks. A pedestrian and cycle bridge continues on, over the water. But that's a bit too far now. Let's return to the new life over the train tracks.

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