Exhibition of Studio Projects

Triangular Hybrid Holešovice | Bydlet - Meditovat - Očistit

Bc. Daniela Čechová


To propose a change to the dilapidated area on the southern bank of the Holešovická district and at the same time highlight the uniqueness of the location, which is spread over an almost perfect triangular shape. Our urban planning is simple, on the western part we will preserve the structure of city blocks in the form of residences and administrative buildings, and on the eastern side we will place solitary buildings with different functions, such as a church, a kindergarten and a spa, which will lighten and complement the overall expression of the location. I focused on the design of the church, which consists of two above-ground floors and is basically divided into three parts. The main axis of the church goes from the entrance to the separate altar. The facade of the church is minimali

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