ZAN projects

Family house with a studio

Martin Sýkorský


Points important to me: Utilization of land potential. Opening of the house to a view on Prague. Creating a private space in the garden, separating it from the street. Orientation to the sides of the world and a playing with light in the house. Daylight in combination with atypical window formats and the use of glass partitions creates a feeling of lightness of space. Emphasis on social life in the house in the form of open living space and interconnection of functions. Modesty and simplicity of the concept. Not to disagree with the traditional values of the architecture of this urban area. Stylistically, the design of the house slightly refers to the functionalism of the nearby Baba, but modesty and a smaller scale can be a reference to today's architecture. Times when cities no longer have as much space as they used to have, and nature no longer offers that many resources.

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