ZAN projects

Fun palace II: Romance on the dump

Veronika Plívová


The space is designed for a couple from a city that which likes to spend time in nature. Nature-opposite of how people destroy nature for mining and at the same time try it to return to the original state as we can see on the dump.

Theme time

Residential section. Three spurs, each unique with its view, and therefore also in the shape of a window. Two trees are designed into the space to feel the connection with nature. Small kitchen, a breakfast table - view of the lake, sofa - forest view and dinner table – sunset view.

Theme light bedroom and bathroom

The rooms should be separated but not by a door. This is how the corridor in which the partitions indicate 'direction' was created. Two windows in the bathroom. One lightes the bathtub in bath time and the second lightes the washbasin and wc.

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