ZAN projects

House with a studio

Jan Stuchlík


The house is based on the properties of the land, and the possible views from it, which this area offers. I wanted to make the most of this perspective. The entrance hall offers a small sneekpeak and then the main living space offers a complete spectacle. It is connected to the second floor by means of a gallery. At the house, my goal was to avoid the corridors, so the ground floor is made up of free space and the first floor is the only communication space in the gallery. The studio is oriented to the street and thus allows contact with the surroundings. The interior space is free, therefore variable. There is also a terrace attached to the studio, which expands the interior space and allows you to work in the fresh air. Both the house and the studio have countertops that mimic the end of the surrounding terrain. The terrace completes the space that welcomes visitors.

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