ZAN projects

Krecl - Masarykovo náměstí v Jihlavě

Julie Juštíková


The aim of the second semester project was to design a block in the middle of Jihlava square. The block is set of multifunctional buildings with a sales area and classic or alternative housing. My corner plot is quite elongated, so I tried to slightly subdivide the building and emphasize the corner, as it is usual done this way.

As there are only two facades with windows, it is offered to make the most of it and get a lot of light into the house. So I placed the stairs in the middle of the block to save the maximum amount of naturally lit space, and I fully covered the facades with French windows. At the same time, the living room is strategically located in the corner, where light is therefore easily accessible at almost any time of the day. The roof, which offers views in all directions, is fully walking. It is shaded by a reinforced concrete skeleton covered with greenery.

The house should provide the city with sufficient space for a newly emerging business and at the same time luxurious but affordable housing with a private view of Jihlava. The whole building is conceived in a modern style, trying to respond sensitively to its surroundings. The scale is set to correspond to the surrounding historic buildings.

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