ZAN projects


Simon Poláček


I don't know how much this claim applies on me. It seems that since the beginning of the quarantine, I've been locked up in one room, at a table with a screen. In this attic room, I have since spent the vast majority of my time, which is why it was more than necessary to make this space more enjoyable. I live on the outskirts of Prague and I literally have nature around the corner. On the basis of the curfew, I decided to bring "some of that nature" in. Most of the plants in the room have multiplied by myself. I don't know a specific number of plants, they live their own life at the moment, and I just water them once a week. I can see a lot of advantages in this hobby, the room have been greatly revived, there has been an environment where I feel good and I like to spend my free time.

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