ZAN projects

Candle holder

Antonie Kirchen


Our assignment was to design a candle holder that would be for the tea and also for the long candle (diameter about 16mm, heigh 200-300mm). I decided to make a holder that would be able to do both of these functions but also look very elegant and modern. The shape of the holder is bended ,,X‘‘ where a part of the base is flat so that way the holder is more stable. Proportions: width 60mm, heigh 50mm (circular base). Thanks to it's shape it's very comfortable to pick up so it wasn’t necessary to make any ,,handles‘‘. First I made the form from the clay, when I was satisfied with the shape I started preparing the form for the plaster. I’ve put the form from the clay into the Lukopren and left it to solidify, then I carefully took away they clay. After that it was time for the plaster which I

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