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Public space "Šest'ák" Prague 6

Daria Antonova


Šesťák is a public space located right in the heart of Prague 6. It is quite a priority, however, right next to it is the busy Vítězné náměstí, which makes the space quite dangerous and restless. The task was to design the public space so that people would use it more than the previous ones, and also to preserve the compositional complex of the main streets. I adhered to the goal of isolating the space from Vítězné náměstí using a compositional solution. The composition has a rhythm and strong axes. The building is partially covered against rain, it also has a pergola against the sun. Part of the space is a cafe, around it there is a lot of space to sit. The whole building is made of treated oak, this wood is water resistant. The floor is tiled and has non-slip notches.

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