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Šesťák - public space

Lenka Ausficírová


Place on Vítězné square.Through this it goes an axis from the Dejvická and I've tried not to interrupt it with my design, you can also take in the axis from the new object. Šesťák is next to a roudabout that disadvatages this place by traffic. On the other side this place leads to Dejvická. I opened the object to this direction and faced it away from the road. Object applies gradation, it's placed to keep movement by people, also it brings something new. Platforms can be used to go up or to just sit. Social events can be held in the centre of it. The main material is wood because it's light and demountable. Another one is glass in the railing, it does not interrupt the rising construction and the view. A metal element is used to cover lower parts of the object to ensure easy maintenance.

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