ZAN projects

Mortar and pestle/Paper lamp shade

Petr Ehrlich


MORTAR_ I designed this mortar for cooks who like to stick to the traditional recipe and need to save space in their kitchen. This mortar can crush your greens, spices, avocados. It is deep enough to make marinades in. The pestle is comfortable to hold. The whole product is light and easy to manipulate. When it is not being used, it will serve as a decoration on a window sill. PAPER LAMP SHADE_ You can make this lamp shade I designed at home. Just get an old box, cut it up in line with a downloaded stencil. Then, following the instructions, glue strips of baking sheet on the cardboard. Or you can make your own based on this design. The shape I came up with uses the principle of an armadillo - the strips overlap and block any blinding light while it also distributes soft light evenly.

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