ZAN projects


Matus Sumbal


BRIDGE HOUSE Architectural study of a family home situated by the railway “Praha – Brno – Bratislava“ next to the railway station “Devínske Jazero“. Bridge House was designed for a family of four with a dog. To achieve direct contact with the train, it is situated above the track. The building serves as a family home, a pedestrian overpass and a climbing wall. The concept of the house responds to its surroundings and to the theme of trains. The layout of the house is based on pragmatic placement of individual rooms in a row connected by one longitudinal corridor, evoking the feeling of a train. The house acquires its unusual shape by paraphrasing the nearby bunkers from the so-called Beneš Line, built by Czecho-Slovakia between the years 1935 – 1938 on the borders with Germany, Austria,

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