doc. Ing. arch. Jakub Vorel, Ph.D.

Head of the Department of Spatial Planning

Urban and spatial planner, pedagog, researcher and consultant in territorial and strategic planning, data analytics, geo-informatics and computer modelling of territorial development.

The expertise in the fields of transportation modelling and urban simulations, spatial analysis, policy/project impact assessment and spatial econometrics.

ResearchGate, ORCID, SCOPUSResearcherID


The head of research projects


Valuation models of public goods for spatial planning (TAČR)

Development capacity of municipalities and regions (TAČR)

Simulation models for assessment of spatial development of cities (GAČR)


Co-investigator in research projects


Multi-agent model of mobility MATSim (OP VVV)

Smart Cities (TAČR: National Competence Center - Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence)

The Impact of the projects that are based on the needs of the territory (TAČR)

Standards of public infrastructure accessibility (TAČR)

The tools for reducing the personal-transport-related energy consumption of smart cities (TAČR)



Urban Simulation Modeling: An Introduction and Experimental Applications in the Czech Republic, free download from ResearchGate, on-line on Google books, hard copy 

Hedonické ceny veřejných statků, free download

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