Study abroad. New website offers everything you need to know about international study stays

The rectorate of CTU in Prague recently launched a website to inform about study opportunities abroad. The website not only offers a detailed overview of all available international study programmes, but also lists the necessary steps related to securing studies abroad, invites to interesting events and conveys students' experiences through a blog. Contacts to all key people who can be contacted are also available.

On the Study Abroad website candidates will find not only applications but also information on current application deadlines and tips on how to fill in an application form, where to verify knowledge of foreign languages, which documents need to be processed before departure or what needs to be done after arrival. There are also invitations to interesting events on international trips or advice on how to deal with emergencies or emergency assistance contacts.


For the content of this site is responsible: doc. Ing. arch. Jan Jakub Tesař, Ph.D.