Extraordinary scholarship for Ukrainian students

The management of the FA CTU decided to provide its Ukrainian students with extraordinary scholarships. They can apply for it through a simple form.

The extraordinary scholarship is one of the first concrete steps to help. Its aim is to support Ukrainian students of FA CTU who have found themselves in a difficult life situation as a result of the international armed conflict in Ukraine.

The amount of the extraordinary and one-off scholarship is set at CZK 10 000. The scholarship will be awarded according to Article 4, paragraph 2 c) of the Scholarship Regulations of the CTU in Prague. The awarding of the scholarship is decided by the Dean on the basis of an assessment by the Vice-Dean for Education of the FA CTU.

The scholarship will be paid by bank transfer. If the student does not have access to his/her bank account, the scholarship will be paid in cash in room 242, 2nd floor, Faculty of Architecture, CTU (Thákurova 9, Prague 6 – Mr. Vaverka). The date must be arranged in advance.

Applications should be submitted in person to the FA Study Department or by e-mail to Veronika Redlichová, Students will be informed of the award of the scholarship by e-mail.


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