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Give feedback to the faculty. The survey for the summer semester is open

Until 18 September 2022, students can fill in the survey to provide feedback to the management and lecturers about their satisfaction with the quality of teaching and the functioning of the faculty in the summer semester.
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The survey is available at You can fill it out conveniently on your mobile phone.

The answers will be used as an incentive to further improve teaching. If you would like to evaluate the work of your studio supervisors, you can do so directly by rating and commenting on their person.

Two surveys are being completed for the summer semester:

1. Subject – you evaluate each enrolled subject. You can indicate your satisfaction on a scale of 1 – 5, or add a comment to each answer.

  • Overall impression. Rate your overall impression of the course (content + teacher). You can add a rating of the course and/or teachers
  • Course content. Rate the content of the course (topics, contribution, learning support). Text comments can be added. Focus on topics, benefits, learning support, difficulty, timing, context
  • Teacher. Add a text comment to your evaluation of the teacher @teacherName (way of teaching, treatment of students, equal treatment, etc.)
  • Course completion. You can comment on the completion of the course, e.g. difficulty, fairness, compliance with requirements, etc.

2. Unsubject (all-faculty) – you evaluate the running of the faculty. You can mark your answers on a scale of 1 – 5 and add a comment.

The faculty is interested in:

  • What were you satisfied with in the summer semester? What helped you in your studies?
  • What were you not satisfied with? What should be improved?
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

The survey timetable for SS 21/22 is as follows:

  • 25. 5. – opening of the survey for students
  • 18. 9. – deadline for student evaluations
  • 19. 9. – opening a survey for teachers
  • 3. 10. – publication of results

The survey is developed and operated by the Information Systems and Technologies CTU. If you have any questions, please contact the faculty coordinator Ing. arch. Petr Irinkov

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