Diploma projects

Municipal Rental Housing

Semerák Šimon

Architecture and Urbanism, bachelor_project_type


Corner as a unique site of crossing of two public spaces and intersection of two streets lined with buildings with diverse expression, scale and height. Municipal rental housing as an indicator of urban housing standard. Project consists of two housing buildings. Main building, placed on the corner, completes yet unclosed block. The second object is situated in the generous inner courtyard space. The plasticity of the facade is designed as a modern reflection of the decorative reliefs on the surrounding structures, but also with the intention of dividing the large volume of the building and with the aspiration of creating interactions with the surrounding public space. Plans are result of finding balance between the tension of the diagonal shapes of the facade and the necessity of usable interior spaces. In layouts where the shapes of the facade are transformed into a sense of cosiness of the irregular rooms with various corners and distinctive expression.

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