Final projects


Faktorová Michaela

Design, MA diploma project


This diploma thesis was written in reaction to an increasing trend of people growing their own groceries. This trend not only decreases impact of humans on the environment, but also enables people to grow vegetables without chemical additives, which is starting to become an important factor when picking groceries. Unfortunately, most of these home-growers live in small flats without balconies and living space to spare. Under such conditions, growing their own groceries can be very demanding or even impossible. It was for this reason that the WindowFarm project was realized ten years ago. It works on the principal of hydroponic nutrient distribution system which is suspended in front of a window. The water circulating in the system is driven by an air or water pump, so the user completely avoids the need for soil and with it the risk of multiplication of vermin or incidental mess. However, WindowFarm is an open project for experienced growers, but most of the users in need of this system don’t have the possibilities or experience to build such a complex system in their homes. Thus the target of my thesis’ project is to achieve minimal built-up area, maximal utility of vertical space, functional hydroponic system and sufficient space for the plants as well as a stand-alone construction with a single anchor point attached to the wall. All of this while simultaneously creating a product which is esthetically pleasing and suitable for any living area.

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