Department of Design

The department of Design prepares flexible and comprehensively educated designers – specialists that know their way around the conditions of today’s technologies and media and are able to react to the demands of the current professional market. The students propose concepts using these technologies and are led to implement a functional prototype.

The department offers five vertical studios with various orientations (from industrial design to product, interior and experimental design) and two studios for the basics of design. Students can choose from them and thus gradually profile their focus in their future practice.

The department is oriented on interdepartmental cooperation and participation in real projects in the other CTU faculties. The assignments of studio projects are usually adapted to the current research at partner workplaces. The intra-faculty teams can work very effectively and the cooperation is mutually beneficial. The students have the opportunity to consult and realise their visions in cooperation with experts from other CTU faculties, especially the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Successful projects also arise on the basis of assignments created in cooperation with renowned companies such as RWE, Sapeli, Technistone, Galavito, Tesla, Meva, Meopta, Viadrus and Lasvit. They also include technological tours of the factories and the implementation of selected student projects directly at the manufacturers.

The study field of design, represented in all the connected study programmes (bachelor, master’s and doctorate), draws on the comprehensive offer of technical, practical and humanitarian subjects of the Faculty of Architecture and the other CTU faculties.

The artistic and design work of the pedagogues is applied in artistic activities, as is the presentation of the student’s work in exhibitions, festivals and related competitions outside of the school.

Design Experiences

Work of students of the Institute of Industrial Design

DIONE Lamp, Kristýna Mikolášková, Studio Karel.
Scooter LUNT, 1st place in the competition Best In Design 2018, Markéta Nováková, Studio Streit.
Cooperation with M&T, handle, Jakub Klouzek, Studio Jaroš.
Diploma project, guitar, Tomas Havel, Studio Fiser.
Hand contamination detector, VF Černá hora, Karel Eliáš, Studio Tvarůžek.
Stand-alone sink, Mariana Kopecka, Studio Fiser.
Flowerpots "microgreens", Lucie Bartošová, basics of design Jaroš.
Addiction Alcohol, Polesný, StudioKarel.
Air quality sensor PROTRONIX, Eliška Luhanová, Studio Tvarůžek.
Juicer, Sara Rašovská, basics of design Bébarová.

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