Final projects

Greenhouses Revitalisation - Flora Olomouc

Zimin Oleh

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The subject of this project is a new multi-functional greenhouse. It is designed as one of the objects for new layout of the Smetana Gardens collection greenhouses area, located on the site of the Flora Olomouc Exhibition Grounds (the conceptual solution of the entire Flora area was designed during Bachelor Project studies). The location is in the center of Flora, between the main avenue of the exhibition grounds and the botanical garden of Palacký University. The building consists of two units, operationally and structurally separated. It is designed as long hall building with wooden structure, which is partially insulated. In the first unit there is a cafe, designed for guests of the Flora, and locker rooms for visitors of greenhouse. The second unit consists of a community greenhouse where social and educational events are held. The sheathing of this section is made of poly-carbonate boards.

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