Department of Architectural Design I

The department teaches all courses of studio design offered in the study plan of the master study program at CTU FA. The teachers at the department are working on extending their participation in lectures in the framework of their own series of lectures. The department also provides instruction for foreign students in the English language and participates in cooperation with foreign universities. The team consists of renowned Czech architects known for their projects and work in the Czech Republic and abroad. Naturally, all members of the department work as practicing architects and their professional expertise is reflected in their pedagogical practice. Last but not least, members of the department are also publicly active in the Czech Chamber of Architects.

On real assignments, the students test the comprehension of their own theoretical position in relation to the architectural design and to the world that surrounds this design. The studios are the key subjects in our faculty. The basics of architectural design and the basic studios (ZAN I and ZAN II) are taught in a separate studio. The introduction to the knowledge of basic sources, forms and means of architectural design prepares the students for studies in the institute’s vertical studios.

As part of the doctorate study programme, the institute participates in the research activities in the faculty. The main themes include contemporary architectural design in the Czech Republic and its systematic mapping.

The department’s pedagogical team contains Czech architects known for their projects and buildings in the Czech Republic and abroad. Of course, each member of the institute also works as a practicing architect and their experience enriches their pedagogical activities.

The whole team of pedagogues, assistants and doctoral students of our department is trying to create a creative environment in which students will enjoy their work. Photo from the visit of Martin Luther Archive in Eisleben (Atelier ST).

Exhibition Slovak family house

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