Final projects


Galáž Maroš

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


A major problem with the presentation of the museum's historical collections is the lack of exhibition space, which is why the exposition of historical collections ends for the time being in 1784. Therefore, the Prague Historical Museum needs new premises for presenting other historical periods through collections and various material and virtual presentations. The proposed location of the nee bulidng is based on several studies. The first study was developed by the Danish architectural firm Gehl Architects, which serves as a basis for the future solution of humanization of the highway. Due to its location, the arterial road has unfulfilled cultural, economic and social potentials. The solutions proposed in the studies are divided into short-term and long-term. The short-term are feasible immediately, without limiting transport capacity. The basis is to offer public space to people to use. This study suggests placing a public utility building as a gallery or museum in Těšnov in order to support life in the locality and is also close to the existing MMP building. The second study was elaborated by IPR (Urban Study - Těšnov from 14th September 2017), in which it proposes the same variant and moves the second mass to Ke Štvanici Street. Here he proposes a gallery for the Slav Epic. The design of the building takes into account this variant and the volume of the building is based on this.

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