Final projects


Oweyssi Natalie

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The master’s thesis main topic is housing. The building is located in the city centre of Prague. The project is located on a steep site close to the park Grébovka. The project treats the themes of efficient land use in contrary to an adequate reaction to the locations character. Park Grébovka is located on the border of Vršovice and Vinohrady district. When characterizing houses and places I often use the affiliation to the district - “Vinohrady-like apartment building”, “Vrsovice-like gallery”. It would be difficult to precisely define the characteristics that I am trying to describe. It is based on an empirical experience. Throughout this experience, I wanted to design a house on the border of the neighborhoods. House that fits into the growned Vršovice, but at the same time stands out in comparison with luxury Vinohrady. I try to preserve existing views and strengthen them. Creating a new dominant and finishing the existing street line. I admire the ability of the city to, so I try to preserve this phenomenon in my project and leave the existing object, use it and incorporate it into a complex. I create a new romantic passage through the plot, between the houses.

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