Final projects


Nedvědová Barbora

Design, MA diploma project


Eternity is a unisex laboratory coat for chemists (more precisely for the profession of an organic chemist, who is most likely to encounter toxic substances). In addition to the primary functions of the coat, such as protecting the wearer's own clothing, body and skin, it aims to go the extra mile in terms of elegance, wearability, representation, practicality and overall comfort - but this in itself includes a lot of "invisible" improvements. Those that the wearer doesn't even realize, but make his job easier and in many moments even less frustrating. Ergonomics is therefore a key feature. It is one of those to whom the greatest attention has been paid. Reachability of all pockets, fabric and cut behavior on both male and female body, while maintaining full protection in any position and ensureing maximum freedom of movement in all circumstances. Eternity is a labcoat concept that meets as well the unspoken as notoriously repeated needs of the wearer and seeks to change the view of this item as a consumer product. It thus becomes truly durable while maintaining all the qualities stated above and takes a step towards long-term sustainability - by for instance choosing a durable and resistant material that retains its properties throughout the lifetime of the garment and creating a cut that ensures the durability of the final product.

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