Final projects


Procházková Dominika

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The task was to design a library in the area of the Kolín castle. The new library is the intention of the city of Kolín, because the premises of the current library are not spacious enough. There are currently a vaulted cellars on the plot. In my design, I decided to use vaults for commercial spaces and I deeped the space in front of them. A pleasant public space is created here. The view to the castle from Zámecká street was important for the design and the aim was not to overshadow the castle with a new building. The main entrance to the library is designed on the footbridge from the castle courtyard. The building has a raster facade with large windows, which is based on the arrangement of vaults. The layout of the interior is very simple and clear, the central element is the atrium.

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