Final projects

Urban Housing na Knížecí

Životská Tereza

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


Traffic, noise, indifference. This is how Smíchov could be described today. On one hand, a well-accessible place with several forms of transport. On the other hand, apart from transfers people do not stay here for long. Everyone is in a hurry and won't stop. Therefore the place was asking for a new personality, more calm and a different direction than just the purpose of a transport hub. The building is located in a block on Ostrovského in Prague 5. The building's mass is defined on the east and west sides by the surrounding buildings. On the fourth floor there is a walkable roof with vegetation connected to a terrace which reaches the south facade. Here is a covered outdoor space for the inhabitants of the house. On the ground floor there is a pass to the inner courtyard.

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