Final projects

Commercial center in Holešovice

Bc. Filip Novotný

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


This thesis was created in-studio Aulický Aulická-Mikule-Kandla led by Doc. Ing. Arch. Vaclav Aulický. This architectual study is about building with commercial use, located in Prague in Holesovice on free plot betwen the streets Veletržní and Strojnická. The purpose of this study was to design a building that meets the parameters of „smart“ building, will comply with the latest environmental trends and technologies, improve service availability and quality of the adjacent environment. The building occupies most of the surface of this triangular plot, but the different corners of the building are linked by inner passages with glass roofing. In this passage are shops and services on the ground level which are accessible from the interior and also from the exterior. Offices, which occupy five floors have input from the inserted floor in the atrium above the shopping mall. Furthermore, in the building are three outdoor garden, fitness, wellness, bistro and supermarket. There has been partly adjusted traffic, add bicycle lanes and extend sidewalks with tree alley on the southern side of building. Overall, the object should properly fit into existing buildings.

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