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Diploma projects

Playful Garden - Elementary School Terezín

Kroupová Hana

Landscape Architecture, bachelor_project_type


The theme of the bachelors thesis is the transformation of the entire premises of the Terezin elementary school. The goal is to bring a multifunctional garden to the school, which will give children a place to learn through play, fun and enjoyment. The school area was devided into 6 zones within the study. Third zone: Magical forest – The zone which is developed further in the project. The name “magical forest” derives from two reasons. The first one is the surface and the second is the atmosphere of a forest – fresh air, beautiful smell, comfortable temperature and peaceful surroundings. The second zone is the fourth zone: playful corner: the concept of this playground is “jump and climb”. Children can find here trampolines, a sandy area, swings and features for climbing.

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