Department of Landscape Architecture

The department of Landscape Architecture provides the teaching of subjects specifically for the landscape architecture programme and subjects for students of architecture and urbanism, which contribute to a holistic conception of architectural work. There are two first year studios under it, oriented on landscape architecture (led by Hana Špalková with her assistants Laura Jablonská and František Gattermayer) and three vertical studios of differing orientations and philosophies: studio Sitta – Rýpar, studio Vavřín and the studio of Associate Professor Till Rehwaldt.

We are here for students

The department is characterised by an open and friendly approach to the students, in whom we try to cultivate a healthy self-confidence and social commitment. We are pleased with our success in competitions and in exhibitions of students’ work. It is best to ask the students themselves how they evaluate the approach of the academic staff. That is why we organise surveys in order to learn how they perceive the individual courses of the curriculum.

Global perspective

Landscape architecture is experiencing great developments in advanced countries and in third world countries. In the United States, the cradle of the discipline, landscape architects are called the profession of the 21st century. We are living in an era known as the Anthropocene, and landscape architecture often assumes the role of the “healer” for areas devastated by human activity. The importance of the practice of landscape architecture for the quality of the environment grows with the hectic urbanisation of the world around us.

Cultivate the environment created by man

The department's academic personnel has extensive experience in the discipline at home and abroad, including successful participation in international competitions. We maintain contacts with professionals and academics on all continents since ecology, one of the building blocks of landscape architecture, goes beyond geographical borders. The institute’s mission is also to promote the comprehension of architecture as a holistic discipline, which cultivates and harmonises the manmade environment.

Responsibility, cooperation, sustainability

We strive to strip away the artificial borders between the individual disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, environmental art, scenography and others. We try to cultivate an interest in the manmade environment, in community and social responsibility and in the artistic and technical quality of projects in the students. Another task is to support and teach the students interdisciplinary cooperation, without which the modern practice of architecture could not be imagined. We are looking for the definition of cooperative ecology. We understand sustainability includes social sustainability. With growing urbanisation there is a new task before us – to ensure a quality education of the newly forming agenda of green infrastructure. We are sure that there are those among our students who will significantly influence the development of landscape architecture here and abroad.

What is next?

After the accreditation of master’s studies we will try to get accreditation in the English language. We believe that the CTU in Prague is a unique place in its Central European space that has something to offer students and foreign lecturers. The accreditation of master’s studies makes it possible to develop cooperation with foreign universities as part of bilateral agreements or the Erasmus programme.


Zahradu navštíví statisíce lidí. Tvůrci chtěli, aby si zážitek odnesli malí i velcí.  | © Václav Suchan
Students of FA CTU presented their garden among designers from all over the world
© Václav Suchan
Chaumont 2022
Homo ludens regardless of age and status.
Before presentation in Krupka. Cake from Mr. Mayor…
Christmas present for our visiting professor Till Rehwaldt. Transmission of the appointment letter. Late but still…
"Salon" in Karlin barracks, June 2018.
Anežka Vonášková laurel wreath for the best ZAN project.
Associate Professor Hauserová drove the landscape students into the landscape. Even here, it cannot be done without mobile phones.
Artificial sun. Search for light and shadow, Karlin barracks.

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