Diploma projects

Planets at sacré coeur

Bc. Aleš Zahrádka

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Main theme of my thesis are archetypal qualities of ten planets - well known in esoteric - which you can find in all the levels in our Reality. I tried to find a manifestation of these principles in form, space and an experience of a human beeing. Second theme is a location Sacré Coeur in Prague. I propose a group of buildings-spaces meant for contemplation. Each building is designed in a spirit of one planet. They complement the Sacré Coeur park with it's character and they balance enormous rush and noise happening right next to the site. It is a strong experience to stay „in calm on the hill“ and look „down on the rush“. My design supports this calm zone. With it's scale the buildings become one of the Prague's urban dominant.

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