Diploma projects

Vysehrad multi-media visitor center

Bc. Max Funda

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Vysehrad multi-media visitor center recreates local urbanism and creates a new entrance to Vysehrad - important monument in Prague and also in czech history.    Main goal is a creation of a starting point for tourists and visitors, who plan to visit Vysehrad, and a creation of a resting point for the ones, who are descending from Vysehrad back to Prague downtown. Center itself contains 2 caffes-bars, exhibition focused on the czech history and historical heritage, cinema and a multipurpose chamber, and of course an information point. On the other hand, center also contains DTP studio with printer machines, 2 small photo/film studios and 1 audio stuio - so all the materials (books, magazines, cd‘s, short films) could be created , mastered, printed and offered inside the building. All these creative services can be also rent for local individuals and small companies - small independent productions etc.

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