Final projects

Retirement home Petynka

Bc. Jan Řanda

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


This new modest type of retirement home aims to maintain the highest quality of aging, which is mainly affected by three basic factors. Health and its consolidation, as well as diet and especially community. Three separated buildings are connected by corridors. This offers to the seniors the possibility of belonging to smaller groups and keeping thier own identity and autonomy. However, the different functions of public spaces support their interdependence. The north sides of the two new buildings are sunk into the ground and are illuminated by the atrium. The atrium has been developed from the traditional form of the double-aisle old building. This open space connects the residential part with the social part, that includes the services, and offers to the seniors a view over the happening within the building. Compared to the surroundings are the new buildings small, their large windows give an impression of openness, that represents the integration of elderly people to the society. The diversity of programms in every building shows, that the buildings are accessible not only for senior citizens from the area, but also for the general public (rehabilitation centre, dining, art workshop, meeting hall, shop).

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