Diploma projects

Mixed-use complex in the Spálená Street in Prague

Bc. František Novotný

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


On the site of subway station Národní třída is placed a mixed-use complex, that combines the typology of mid-city residential housing, office spaces and commercial zones. Whole structure is composed as condense city block housing connecting subway station, gothic cellars under Spálená street, 72.000 sq.ft. of office space, 59 flat and apartment units from 1 to 5 bedroom apps. by area from 650 sq.ft. to 2200 sq.ft., space for commercial use in total area of 42.000 sq.ft., 1350 sq.ft. of restaurants, 242 parking lots etc. The city block is a set of eight town houses with elevation from 4 to 8 floors. Center of the block is a semi-private zone cast on 3 elevations. Underground of the block contains commercial zones, restaurant, subway station vestibule and its support, parking lots, supply points, gastro support etc. Focus points of this task arew in residential and living zones, flats and apartments.

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