Department of Architectural Design III

The department focuses on the teaching of studio subjects. This is influenced by the composition of the teaching staff, comprised of prominent personalities working in the area of architecture and urbanism. The department now also concentrates on short-term engagements of visiting professors, leading Czech and foreign architects, in the role of the heads of studios.

Studio teaching takes place in six individually profiled vertical studios. The diverse spectrum on offer by the institute studios both from the perspective of the orientation of the individual pedagogues and from the perspective of the ideological and formal approach to the work on the level of the concept and the actual design, is intentional.

The studios of the Department of Architectural Design III have been successful in international competitions (Biennale of Architecture in Venice, the Saint-Gobain student competition in Madrid) and faculty evaluations of studios (Olověný Dušan/Lead Dušan, Druhá kůže/Second Skin). Some studios enjoy the significant interest of foreign students. The teaching of ZAN takes place in three or four groups, which includes a weeklong La Tourette workshop.

The department’s pedagogues participate in the role of supervisors in doctorate study programmes and in the faculty’s scientific and research activities, particularly in segments oriented on architecture, theory and creation or urbanism and regional planning. In addition to education and research, they also play an active role in the management and administration of the faculty’s bodies.

Most of the pedagogues are involved in their own creative activities as practicing architects and urbanists, some also on a theoretical or social level. They contribute to the resolution of current problems, participate in architectural competitions and engage in professional autonomous organisations and associations and in professional councils and commissions.

Exhibition ZAN Brozova, Hurka, Sramek in the summer semester 2017/2018.
Studio Hajek, exhibition in winter semester 2016/2017.
Druha kuze award 2017, winner Petr Lhoťan from Lábus - Šrámek studio.
Part of the ZAN and Fine Arts classes is the first year students' trip to France and Switzerland, organized by the Department of Design Studios III in cooperation with the Department of Fine Arts. The one-week workshop at La Tourette is dedicated to teaching outdoor drawing, exploring the buildings of Le Corbusier and contemporary architecture. Work from the workshop, Karolína Hausenblasová.
Workshop in La Tourette, Anna Mahdalová.

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