Final projects

House for mental, physical or multiple disabled children and youth, Radebeul, Germany

Bc. Šárka Reichlová, DiS.

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The aim of this thesis is to design a house for children and youth with mental, mobility or multiple disabilities. The building is situated amidst old vineyards Radebeul in Saxony, Germany. The main content is to provide assistance homeless children and their families to avoid their utter separation and placement of child in the institutional care. For this reason, there are building and rooms to accommodate visitors. It depends only on members of the family as far retain a contact with the children.  The whole area of home consists of three functionally distinct parts. It includes two residential buildings for four groups of children and adolescents of eight members, with a caregiver. Another part of the object is section with different therapies. In the lower section is the administrative headquarters of the Foundation, management of home and public areas for visitors of the center.

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