Final projects

Development Area Prague - Bubny

Bc. Jakub Jílek

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The task of the diploma project is to design a regeneration plan for Prague – Bubny, a railway brownfield in the city centre. The design is not trying to blend Letná and Holešovice neighbourhoods but is introducing a third element to the Holešovice peninsula. Owing to the transformation of our society into the post-industrial era, Prague gained an area of a huge potential and strong memory right in its centre. The design is trying to keep this memory. The main element is the post-industrial park pervading through the whole site reminding of its railway history. The second pillar is vertical urban factories and other smaller production services spread all over the area. The whole design is based on a couple of key programs, initiating points, the new neighbourhood organically grows from and eventually sets its order. 

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