Final projects

Completion of the locality Michelská - Ohradní

Bc. Lucie Bíbrová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The site is located in the inner compact city . In the area where he meets some forms of development. The theme was to find a suitable architectural - urban design of this site. Complete the urban structure at the site of conflict several different urban structures and find the suitable function for the site , appropriate scale , proportions and relations of the new object (s ) and space. The result is a proposal for the completion of the site between the streets and Ohradní Michelská . The land , which is now a parking lot , I proposed apartment building with internal garage and rentable area on the ground floor , which complete existing parter . Part of the proposal was also proposed building adjacent neighborhood , including the wooded hillside behind the house under the street Ohradní , which is modified by cutting , regeneration and the resolved of new paths and rest areas with benches at the park . It creates a valuable relaxation zone in the countryside, not only for the proposed house , but also for the surrounding residential areas .

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